Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2020-12-09 - Trying the Range Compression Trading System once again

 Today, I tried my hand again at the Range Compression Trading System that I used to trade some years ago. This time there some changes, though the concepts are very much the same. 

I had these mottos for the Range Compression Trading System:


Those remain. Today, I was trading the system on the M3 charts. This version of the Range Compression Trading System is mechanical. The only discretionary element that I am allowing is in scrip selection and entry point selection. The entry criteria is slightly different from the earlier versions of these trading system. Also, trailing begins much later than in the earlier version.

Today, I got an early entry in NIFTY and that held throughout the day. It did not move enough to initiate trailing.


Usually I do not post mechanical trades, but...

My live tweets of today's trade.




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