Tuesday, December 1, 2020

2020-12-01 - OK day

 The day open had good volumes in most scrips, but I was undecided on the direction. The first half was boring. Nothing much happened. Initially, I got into a NIFTY long, and then a BANKNIFTY short. I would have avoided both these trades in favor of some other, if I had looked at other charts earlier. But these trades turned out better than the trades that I would have preferred. Serendipity?

It was a trending day for NIFTY and many other scrips, but took shorts in RELIANCE and NIFTY. Days can turn, I just looked at the setup. A long in INFY did not work because of tight SL. Then a bad trade in NIFTY, the kind that gave me losses in the first half on Friday. Towards the end of day, an ICICIBANK short proved good.

Live tweets of today's trades









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