Trading Stats

  • I have updated this page to reflect the stats of y48 day trading system that I have been trading since May 28, 2018
  • All data presented on this page is pre-brokerage. So, the stats will appear to be significantly better than they actually are, especially on days having more number of trades.
  • Since I trade the y48 system on multiple scrips, for consistency, the stats measure trade performance in percentages instead of points.
  • Update on 24-Sep-2018: Today, I started using volatility based Stop Losses. Now, it is not a constant 1% Stop Loss for every trade. Since I am not normalizing the data based on unit risk, the charts may show an incorrect picture of the system performance.

Archived Statistics

Click ☞   Archived Statistics of the trades done in November/December 2015
Click ☞   Archived Statistics of January-March 2016 trades

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Performance Graphs: by Individual Trades

Daily Profit/Loss (in %)

Profit and Cumulative Profit (in %)

Profits vs. Duration

Profit and Loss (Long and Short Trades)

Underwater Equity

Trading Statistics Summary

Monthly Performance

Scrip-wise Trading Summary

Details of Individual Trades

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  1. earlier you trades many trade now one or two trades per day ?? can you share your system rules???

    1. I am a System Hopper and keep changing my trading rules frequently.

      Currently, I am trading a Range Compression Trading System on M15 charts. The entry rules are discretionary, so I can share them. The entry rules are - if you feel that the range of any M15 bar is narrow enough (according to your discretion), just place long and short triggers, above and below that bar. That's it :)

      The Initial Stop Loss and Trailing SL rules are mechanical, and I do not share my current mechanical trading rules. However, I can say that it is just a slow trailing method to avoid missing large moves, and to reduce the number of trades... you can really make up your own rules for that.

  2. Augubhai,

    With which software you are generating this reports?


    1. Hi Bharat,

      I am using Google Docs Spreadsheet. I used to get interactive charts on this page from the spreadsheet, but from the past week, the interactive charts are not available - I think it is some issue at the Google end.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Sagar,

      I use Amibroker for backtesting. Sometimes, when the AFL gets very complicated, I drop the code and do manual backtests :)