Wednesday, December 2, 2020

2020-12-02 - There goes my plan

 I had this plan to not have a single losing day in December. That is the whole point of these discretionary trades - to minimize the number of losing days. My mechanical trading systems give me between 30-50% winning days - about 80-90% winning months - but still hurt when there are a couple of consecutive losing months. I am hoping to not have losing days with discretionary trading. High hopes since in my years of day trading, I have never had a month without a losing day.

Today got whipped in SAR trades in BHARTIARTL and BANKNIFTY. That was the improvised plan for today. All would have been forgiven had I been able to catch the V reversal after 2PM. But by then I had lost the confidence needed to take SAR trades.

Just posting my charts here with no commentary. My live tweets for the day are here. My whole approach has to be reviewed. Anyways the tweets are available in case I want to analyze the trades in detail later.






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