Wednesday, November 25, 2020

2020-11-25 - Patience is a virtue

Ok. This where I get back to whining that discretionary trading is not for me. Last year, I was able to trade discretionary for whole of 5 days before I gave up.

Off course, one solution is to trade mechanical. I am already doing that. Major part of capital is on mechanical trades, and I have only put a smaller portion into these discretionary trades.

So, today's IBULHSGFIN trades were as per plan. I wanted to get in early, and reverse until a move came right. That worked to an extent. Couple of those reversals/exits could have been at better prices, but I was not able to get those.


Should have been more patient on the SBIN trades, and twice. Badly done. Patience will be included in the plan from tomorrow. What do they say about counting up to 10...

NIFTY - my entries were late on a trending day and did not work out.

Live tweets of today's trades

Day Trading - IBULHSGFIN Intraday Chart

Day Trading - NIFTY Intraday Chart

Day Trading - SBIN Intraday Chart

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