Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2020-11-24 - ಹಣೆಬರಹ decides a lot

Today was a regular trading day, though markets hit new high. I got my chances, lost my chances, but did not end up losing money.


Started the day with a bad result in GRASIM - maybe I should have waited a couple of minutes. Then, was lucky to catch a move in HCLTECH. Actually, this was the only redeeming trade today. That was followed by a heartbreak in BHARTIARTL. HDFCBANK trade did not move much - I entered towards the end of a trending move. Last trade was greedy one in AXISBANK.

Unless I am able to catch a 3x move during the day, this kind of trading does not give any satisfaction. Yesterday, the last trade gave some satisfaction, but no such luck today. Regret exits had their impact today as well. 


Live tweets of these trades.

Day Trading - GRASIM Intraday Chart

Day Trading - MARUTI Intraday Chart

Day Trading - HCLTECH Intraday Chart

Day Trading - BHARTIARTL Intraday Chart

Day Trading - HDFCBANK Intraday Chart

Day Trading - AXISBANK Intraday Chart

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