Monday, November 23, 2020

2020-11-23 - എനിക്ക് ഇനി നിയമം ഇല്ല - I no longer have the law

 So my last post was one Samvat ago.

Today, I decided to try my hand at discretionary day trading after a long time. After having tied myself to system rules for so long, felt liberated doing these discretionary trades today. Felt like Ayyappan would have felt when he was suspended from police duty. I NO LONGER HAVE THE LAW. Referring here to the Malayalam movie Ayyappanum Koshiyum.

Here's today's report.

Seriously watched only 3 charts today. Initially, INDUSINDBK was all bouncy and volatile. Thought of trading that, but had an unfortunate(?) exit. Next, watched RELIANCE and BAJAJFINSV. My RELIANCE trade did not move. Finally, was back in INDUSINDBK and got some satisfaction EOD (which is also probably the reason I decided to post today's trades.).

Day Trading - INDUSINDBK Intraday Chart

Day Trading - RELIANCE Intraday Chart

Day Trading - BAJAJFINSV Intraday Chart

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