Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good day, but not too good - Day Trading: Jan 21, Intraday

Today was another volatile day. The trading range in the first hour and in the last 2 hours was large, and did not give me opportunities to get in. My only space was in the mid hours - managed to earn some points in that period, but not too well.

The first Short trade, after an initial threat to my Stop Loss, dropped well. I booked +47 points out of the MFE of 78 points. My mechanical trailing Stop Loss got me out at a Pivot Peak

The second Short trade was in the making for a long time. I got in at almost the Lowest Price of the Day, and had my Stop hit almost immediately for a loss of -15 points.

So, out of the 78 points that I had, I managed to hold on to 32 points (before costs). What makes it slightly worse, is that Trade 2 was with a higher quantity than Trade 1.

My daily winning streak is now up to 9

Nifty M3 Candlestick Chart

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