Monday, January 25, 2016

Bounce, Graze, Crack, Crash - Day Trading: Jan 25, Intraday

My point-wise daily winning streak, as shown in the Trading Stats page, stays intact.

(See I now need to qualify the winning streak with so many criteria... the real winning streak on my ledger, stopped last Thursday)

There was the crazy first bar in Nifty Future, but I was not even logged in then. Since I have decided to take my trade at or near the end of the M15 Candlestick Bar, I can afford to log in late. After I got my first trade, the Short entry, Nifty drove me crazy by not doing the crazy moves. It was bounce, graze, crack and crash, and then I got my profit. The Storified version of the first trade is on the Tweet timeline on the left pane of the website.

The second trade was a Long trade, entered 15 minutes before square-off. As I have been doing in the past few days, since the first trade was a winner, I entered the second trade with a larger quantity. Luckily, this one did not do much damage, though it initially gave a scare right after entry. So far, every time I have entered a second trade with a larger quantity than the first trade, I have lost.

Nifty M3 Candlestick Chart

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