Thursday, June 30, 2016

Too little, too late: Expiry Day - Day Trading: June 30, Intraday

Overtraded. Did not stick to my plan. Got stuck in a bad whip zone on Expiry Day. The move in the later half could not do much.

Nifty M3 Candlestick Chart

The plan was to only take counter trend moves or fake outs, but the fear of missing moves overcame me.

Trading Expiry Days is always tricky. Market can go to sleep, or jump up with a start - as in today's chart.

Day began with a gap up - which is strange for an expiry day. That got me on the edge, and I took entries in both directions hoping for a directional move. Took 6 losses while the market was dull. By the time the move came, I had been cut me up badly. I could have maybe booked better in the dip bar in the last trade...

Rest of the story at my live tweets... click image below to go to the twitter thread

Live Tweets @BakwaasTrading
Live Tweets @BakwaasTrading

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