Sunday, June 12, 2016

Failed to book profit at extreme - Day Trading: June 9, Intraday

The day open looked like a continuation of Wednesday's range, but then it broke lower without a hint. Or if there was a hint, I never got it.

Nifty Price Action Trading

Trade 1: After the fall, there was some volatility - all below 8250 - followed by a range contraction. I went counter-trend long above the contraction, hoping for a reversal of the fall.

Trade 2: Reversed to short when there was a Breakout Failure at 8250, since it was with trend. Exited when price bounced from the near the day's lows.

Trade 3: The bounce did not reach 8250, and my bias was short because of the morning fall. Kept an open short below the pivot, that triggered.

Day Trades - Live Tweet
Day Trades - Live Tweet

When the price closed in on 8200, I was ready to lock in at 8206, but then decided to waited for a breach of 8200 to do so. That never happened and the moment was gone. Exited much later for paltry points. It's good to lock profit at lows and highs, but there is always the anticipation that the momentum might further extend the move.... delay and the moment is gone. Book or reverse position, and you might regret (or not).

Trade 4: After the fall, the price started moving up again. I would have gone long, if I saw a good setup. However, once it dipped below 8229, and started moving up again, my mood turned short.

Finally, the reason for going short was a glitch in my chart, but (to my credit?) I did not cancel that trigger.

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