Thursday, March 22, 2018

Trading again.... after a long break!!!

I have been on a long break from trading.... almost 2 months. Some personal issues, etc.

Since the past week, I had been thinking of getting back to trading. I got off by back testing different mechanical trading systems, like I always do. And like I always do, I kept getting inconsistent results in all my tests. Systems that work wonderfully well during a few months, stop working in other months. That discouraged me enough to have decided to stay off until April.

But the markets have been moving well recently. And the itch got to me today. Finally, I decided to try some semi-mechanical stuff. By the time I funded my account and logged in, I had missed the reversal at the top.

2 initial losses made me think that today was the wrong muhurat to have got back to trading. But the day ended in green!!!

Nifty M3 Price Action Chart
Nifty M3 Price Action Chart

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