Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trading the Momentum - Day Trading: Feb 10, Intraday

After all those dark days, comes a glimmer of hope. Today is my first real positive close in February - though not a big one.

I started trading this Momentum Lagging Trading System yesterday - I really need to get into Onomastics now, I called the previous Trading System as the Range Compression Trading System. I would have named my dog Dog, but since that would be too generic, I named it WhiteDogWithBlackPatchOnForeheadBackAndPaws

Well, this is a Momentum Trading System - that much should be clear from the chart. All entries happened when the Price started to move. And when the Price slept after the entry into the first trade, the System idled as well. And when Price started to wriggle, the System got into its act.

As of now, it is a totally Mechanical Trading System. The exits of the first and the third trades were unfortunate - but that is to be expected when I have tightened the Stop Loss rules that were used in the Range Compression Trading System. (I might go back to the previous Trailing Stop rules just yet...)

5 trades on a directionless day - after a gap down it was ranging for most of the day, then got volatile in the last couple of hours. The Price was so wriggly that for the first time in this year, I have Long Loss, Long Profit, Short Loss, and Short Profit - all on the board today.

Check it on the Trading Stats page - I was able to fix the Stats page yesterday.

Nifty M3 Candlestick Chart

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