Wednesday, December 2, 2015

20151202 - A dim light... could have been brighter

Finally, a small profit... but  could have been better.

Trade 1 was a bad exit... as happens always. My Initial SL was at Day High, but I moved it to the next bar high. Price came up to eat my SL, did not even touch Day High, and fell down. I thought of reentering short at 7995, but then decided that it would be overkill. If I had been in that trade, the light would have been brighter....

Otherwise, after 2 losses, I had 3 winners in a row. That is my longest winning streak since I started reporting trades in the November series. Unfortunately, the points earned in this streak are very low. This kind of trading may improve my win %, but will screw up the Payoff Ratio. Details of trades so far are available on the Trading Stats page.

Another point that I should focus on is profit taking. On many days, I have had good MFE's, but my profit taking has been lax. Many times, even if I am in a loss, I do not book profit to get my account into green. That's because the only kind of exit that I have used in these trades are leisurely trailing stops. I will have to give this a thought, though I am very uncomfortable with Profit Taking. Also, I do not want to get into the complication of partial booking and adds.

Day Trading: Nifty M3 Candlestick Chart

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